Vagina Close up Tips

Tips Vagina Close up required by the new mothers to restore the strength of the hip muscles are slack because after childbirth. Many mothers who felt less confident after giving birth because her vagina was not as tight as before giving birth already, so it feels less satisfying her husband. Many things have been done by the mother to return the muscles toned vagina that can keep her husband happy.

Here are some tips that might be able to tighten the vagina of the mother try.

Tips tighten vagina
Kegel exercises
Now start many mothers who follow Kegel exercises to strengthen back muscles intimate organ. Gymnastics Kegel exercises originally as a treatment for women who have problems can not withstand large urinating or when future pregnancy. But there are other benefits obtained from the Kegel exercises to make the muscles in the lower pelvis or around the sex organs become stronger.

Full-blooded Miss V
Full-blooded Miss V is a technique that uses a pressing nerve points relating to the vagina so that blood flow becomes smooth and the muscles become more toned.

Fumigation or fogging V
This curing method is the traditional way that has been long established, fumigation is done by burning a variety of spices in a container such as a brazier. Fumigation is used to kill bacteria that exist in the area of ​​the vagina and makes it susceptible to disease. But keep in mind to do the fumigation not too often, because it can also kill the good bacteria.

Herbal and Traditional Remedy
Many traditional herbs to tighten miss v such as betel leaves, turmeric, tamarind beneficial for maintaining the health of Miss V. is now also widely available in the form of medicinal herbs, pills, liquids containing such materials, making it easier to consume. This herb or medicinal nature is not to tighten the muscles, but to maintain the cleanliness of the vagina to keep it healthy.

Beberpa Hopefully the above tips can help tighten the vagina of the woman or women who want to restore the vagina tight again like it used so it can make the relationship of husband and wife be more romantic.

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